What Is My Gold Jewelry Worth?

gold ringThinking about selling some gold?  Asking yourself ‘what is my gold jewelry worth?’  You are not alone.  With the dollar sinking like an anchor into the sea, the price of gold is soaring like a Great Blue Heron over the ocean.  This is typical of the US dollar and gold.  Their values travel in opposing direction.  It’s just the nature of things and now is the time to act, to catch the biggest fish.

As the seller of the gold, you have control.  You do not have sell to the first buyer you find.  Much like searching for the best deal on the latest and greatest electronic before you buy it, you want to search for the best deal on your gold before you sell it.  You can’t answer the question of ‘what is my gold jewelry worth‘ until you find the buyer who will pay the most for it.  Another fact that can’t be avoided is that you will not receive full value from any buyer because no matter whom you sell to, they have to profit somehow.  But, instead of turning to the guy who will give you 50% of the value, why not ask the guy who will give you up to 95% of the value?  They do not all pay the same rates.  There are no regulations on how much a gold buyer has to pay.  It is up to you to find the gold dealer who legitimately offers the highest payout.

There are many gold buyers who make big promises and do not follow through.  This has created the stir about the cash for gold scam.  Companies who promise big checks and then pay you just a portion of what is to be expected have burned many people.  When you try to get your belongings back, they use every excuse in the book and keep you running in circles.  Not cool.

If you go to the Better Business Bureaus website, you can easily check on a company’s reputation. Two of the biggest offenders are Cash4Gold.com and CashForGoldUSA.com.  It’s ridiculous how many people have had to jump through hoops to get either their money or their gold from them.  Just a few minutes investigating at the BBB website will make you wonder how they can still operate.  You do not want to ask them, ‘what is my gold jewelry worth,’ unless you want to have to fight for what is rightfully yours.

They are not all bad though.  Take Express Gold Cash, for instance. They offer you a free check for $20.00 if you are not satisfied with their offer and want your gold back and they will even pay for shipping.  That is unheard of.  There is no other gold dealer making the same offer.  At the same time though, there is not one single complaint filed against them with the BBB and no one screaming for help in any forum or review sites.  Finding no SOS calls is a good indication of how well satisfied their customers are.

Another thing that makes Express Gold Cash stand out from the rest is the fact that they insure your ‘Gold Pack’ for up to 5,000.00.  That is a very good thing.  I have seen so many people, over and over again, complaining that their packages to or from the ‘other’ gold dealers are mysteriously disappearing in the mail.  Realistically, it could happen and if it should with Express Gold Cash, you will be able to collect the insurance.  No other gold dealer will insure packages for more than 1,000.00.

To address the question ‘who do I sell gold to,’ the answer is simple, ExpressGoldCash.com.  To address the question of ‘what is my gold jewelry worth,’ I have another simple answer…ask the expert who pays the most.


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