Silver Calculator


Today’s Silver Price: $33.28/oz

Find The Value of Your Silver
Silver is also a precious metal that is traded internationally around the clock.  While Silver isn’t nearly as valuable as gold, its value has increased dramatically over the past decade as well.  Sterling Silver is frequently lying around the house and adds up to more than most people think.  We’ll help you calculate the value based on the current price of silver and figure out how much cash you can get for your silver jewelry.

Purity of Silver
Unlike gold, silver is really only produced at 80% purity or higher.  Most silver pieces you will see are either .999 or sterling silver (meaning 100%), which makes calculating the value a little bit simpler than gold. You’ll find an engraving somewhere on the piece, something with “SS” designating Stering Silver, or a number usually from 800-999 representing the percentage of the piece that is silver.

Separate Silver Purity Levels
If the silver you would like to sell has different purity levels, you need to weigh them separately.  Weight each purity level and mark down both the purity level and the weight of the silver jewelry (in ounces or grams).

Use our Silver Calculator
Once you know the purity of your silver and the weight of your silver, we’ll take the price of silver and find out the value of your possessions.  Enter in the appropriate information in our silver calculator above, hit the big red equals, and you’ll get the value of your silver.

Tips for Selling Your Silver
The prices for silver do not differ as much as gold.  Online you can expect slightly higher rates, but when sold with a good amount of gold, they will often be priced very close to their actual value.  If you’re selling silver alone, you can expect 70-80% of its face value online, and offline you can expect 50-70% of the face value.  Remember to find reviews for online gold and silver buyers to make sure you find a trustworthy buyer for your gold.