Sell Gold Filled Jewelry

gold bracelet for sale

Ready to sell gold filled jewelry or scrap? There is no time like the present to profit from the hefty prices being paid for gold. Even selling gold-filled items will bring you a nice payment.

To make the most from your scrap gold and old jewelry, you need to sell them to an online buyer because they pay the most per pennyweight of gold. It comes as no surprise really since this is their specialty and they buy in volume. Also, they do not have the same heavy-duty expenses that a brick and mortar business does.

Gold-filled items are very popular. You can distinguish them by their markings; 1/20 14K; or 14KGF. If GF is used, the weight is not required. The items must be stamped as required by Federal regulation. Gold filled means an overlay of 10K gold or better is bonded, by means of heat and pressure, to a base metal, typically brass. These gold filled pieces are quite different from gold plated items that have no worth in recycling because with gold plated, a thin layer of gold is simply applied onto the surface of another metal.

When the time comes to sell gold filled pieces, it is best if you use a buyer who is as experienced and well known as Express Gold Cash. They have been buying gold filled items, gold pieces and scrap, silver and platinum, as well, since 1998. They are no newcomer to the game, but have established themselves in the industry. It only makes sense to sell gold filled items to a reputable company that has a long line of satisfied customers. If you check with the Better Business Bureau, you will see that they have a solid record with no complaints filed against them, like other gold buyers. They continue to give stellar service and take pride in their A+ rating with the BBB.

Don’t hesitate, you can sell gold filled jewelry and scrap as soon as today and collect your money fast, with no hassle. It is the best time to make the biggest gain with the market price of gold soaring. All you have to do to get started is visit the Express Gold Cash website and fill out the request form. You will not have to pay for shipping, handling or insurance and there are no hidden fees.

Their phone number is 877-465-3165 and they are happy to answer any questions. They also have 24 hour chat available that you can access from their site.

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