Diamond Calculator


Diamond estimate based on current wholesale market values.

Find The Value of Your Diamond
Diamonds are often very unique pieces and can be much more difficult to value for companies than gold or silver.  Still, there is a general process that online diamond buyers use to figure out the general value of your diamonds.  Getting a quote can be a little complicated, and the more details you have the better.  Most diamonds have a certification, so if you’ve got that with your diamond then diamond buyers should be able to give you a great quote.

Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat
The value of a diamond is determined by the 4 C’s – Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat.  The clearer the diamond, the more it is worth.  The better the cut, the higher the value.  The less yellow there is in a diamond, the higher the value.  And lastly, the larger the diamond, the more valuable it is.

Custom Quotes
The best thing to do with a diamond, especially if you have the certification, is to speak directly with a diamond buyer about it.  If you’re working locally bring it to a jeweler for a professional appraisal.  Once you know exactly what you have, you can get a few quotes on price.  The more information you can provide to potential buyers, the better the price you will get.  The less you know, the more conservative buyers need to be in their estimates.

Selling Diamonds Online
Online diamond buyers will typically pay more than jewelers, but it’s still important to make sure you get a great price.  Know what you’re sending before you mail it in.  Don’t be afraid to have your diamond returned if you don’t like the price.  Get multiple offers and take the highest offer.  If you do only want to work with one online diamond buyer, make sure you choose a reputable buyer with a history of doing good business and paying high rates for valuables.