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In 2009, 2010, and 2011 gold posted double digit percentage gains versus the US dollar. 23.4%, 27.1%, and 10.1% to be exact. And so far in 2012, it’s off to a good start, up over 2.5% year-to-date. So, while growth has continued to grow, the huge jumps seen in the years past appear to have slowed. This makes now a great time to cash in on the old gold and jewelry that has been accumulating or handed down over the years.

The Price of Gold
Using frequently updated values for the price of gold (which is essentially traded around the clock), our gold value calculator and silver value calculator help you figure out the exact worth of your gold and silver jewelry. We use the market price of gold and silver, so the value we give is the approximate value of your gold if melted down and sold at exact market price. Of course you can’t melt it down – it has to go through a buyer and refiner – so actual pawn shop and online gold buyer rates are a little less than these amounts, but they should still give you a good idea of the value of your gold and silver jewelry.

How Much Cash can I Get for My Gold and Silver Jewelry?
Generally speaking, online cash for gold companies will pay a little bit more than local pawn shops and jewelers. It makes sense, since they don’t have to pay high building fees, leases, employees, and high security costs. With that lower overhead, they’ll frequently offer between 10-25% more for your gold than local buyers. That being said, you need to be careful who you work with. We’d recommend checking out a review site before selling gold – Top Online Gold Buyers and Top 7 Cash for Gold are independent testing companies that do a good job summarizing the market.

Using Our Gold, Silver, & Diamond Value Calculators
Instructions are on each page that detail how to use our value calculators. In general, you want to gather all your pieces and separate them by purity. If you have jewelry with both gold and silver on it, estimate the weights the best you can, or have a jeweler inspect them to figure out the approximate value.

We do Not Buy Gold, Silver, or Diamonds
Our website is just for calculating the value of your jewelry. We do not buy or sell any precious metals or jewelry.

Find Out What My Gold Is Worth?

Gold PyramidWhen looking for places to sell gold, I often asked myself what is my gold worth. After searching for online businesses that might be able to satisfy my needs, I got to the conclusion that the best online business working in this field is Express Gold Cash. With their help, I managed to find out what is my gold worth, and also to sell it at the best possible price on the market.

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What Is Your Platinum Worth?

Platinum WatchAre you ready to sell your jewelry and want to know, what is platinum worth? Do you want to sell to a dealer or buyer who will pay you top dollar for your platinum, gold and silver and give you hassle free, quick service? When it comes to using an online buyer, you want to make sure they are a legitimate buyer who has your best interest at heart.

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Cash For Sterling Silver Flatware

get cash for silver jewelryThere is a way to make extra cash if you need to catch up on bills or just put some dollars in your pocket. One can easily get cash for sterling silver flatware and other silver dinner service items that they no longer use. Depending on how much of it you have, you could be looking at a very generous payday.

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